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Book’s Music podcast #354

Book’s Music podcast #354: Hilarious Country Music (and one bad song) by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

Country music can very much be a hoot, and this edition of the Book’s Music podcast celebrates the hoots and the hollering that happens on the funny side. It explores the hilarious stories that country music has provided in its recorded history, and I even manage to slip in a somewhat questionable song but for the most part, this show is about having fun. Have a guffaw, y’all.

FREE MP3 DL: Eskeerdo’s “31 Days”

 photo Eskeerdo_cover_zpsf663b496.jpg
Eskeerdo has a brand new street album for you and the masses, or maybe it’s to defeat the naysayers, them asses if you will, and he calls this one 31 Days, a new 31-song (!!!) collection hosted by Don Cannon. The news may tell you that there isn’t anything good coming from Florida, but Eskeerdo wants to prove everyone wrong.

FREE MP3 DL: DJ Dave Dolla’s “Best Of Nas: From ILLmatic To Legendary”

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Nas’ debut album, Illmatic (Columbia) and in honor of the occasion, DJ Dave Dolla has put together a one-hour mix of some of his best work, which he aptly titles Best Of Nas: From ILLmatic To Legendary. Download it while supplies last or before it disappears.

VIDEO: Subversive Sound Syndicate’s “Push The Clouds Away”

When the storm in your life comes in, it can be difficult to stay clear of the situation but from personal experience, even though it can and will take time, it’s just a matter of pushing the clouds away, and that’s what Subversive Sound Syndicate do in their new song. As Johnny Nash once told us, “look all around, there’s nothing but blue sky/look straight ahead, nothing but blue sky” and sometimes a simple shift of attitude will help you see yourself through. Words of advice.

FREE MP3 DL: Font Drama’s “Butter Biscuits”

Miss Eaves has returned not only with a new song, but as part of a duo with Clara Bizna$$. They call themselves Font Drama, and “Butter Biscuits” this one involves booty movements but only if you deserve it. The layers heard in this production makes this work for me, courtesy of Apple Juice Kid, so if you want to fully understand why “beans and rice didn’t miss these chicks”, press play. Turn this into the summer jam of 2014.

FREE MP3 DL: Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On (Souleance Re-Edit)”

It was only a matter of time: the multi-tracks for Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” leaked a few years ago and now someone has put together a new version of the song where Robert Plant and John Paul Jones are now backed by some incredible funky jazz. The Souleance Re-Edit could also become a new movement. it’s that good, even without the stereophonic panning in the last half. The song was originally released 45 years ago this year, so let’s hear what happens when it has a new set of clothes.

OPINION: Prince now owns publishing and master recordings of his Warner Bros. material

 photo PrinceHawaii_zps7243e64a.jpg
In the words of Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, “everybody has their own opinion”, and here is mine. Word this morning is that not only has Prince obtained the publishing rights of his older music (previously owned by Universal), but he has now obtained the master recordings, something he has fought for for over twenty years. When he marked his face with the word “SLAVE”, it had to do with issues pertaining to Warner Bros., as he wanted to own his own music. You would think that would be a simple task to do, but when you’ve made your company millions of dollars, that company does not want to give up what is essentially a piece of their cash cow. Prince changed his name to a symbol, he released music independently, then he left Warner Bros. to find a new home first with EMI, then with Universal. This left some fans wondering if he was so fed up with the music industry, why is he still catering to them by being associated with a major label.

Prince has showed he has a winning formula, but with every winner, there’s a miss. Prince has sold music independently, but the reason he has fought so hard for his older music is because not only does he want ownership of his own music, but because he will be able to earn as much from it. In a world where MP3′s are king and concert sales earn an artist much more than music sales, where does this leave Prince? If anything, it leaves him a much happier man.

  • This is what’s known. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain, both the album and the movie. Many fans are expecting for some good things to happen in commemoration of it, and the article reveals that there will be a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of the album. Contents haven’t been announced yet, but one hopes it will feature all of the B-sides (both 45 and 12″ versions), live performances, and alternate takes, outtakes, and demos that have been circulating amongst collectors for 25 years. Will a deluxe edition also feature a DVD featuring all the videos made, live videos, and TV performances? Ideally, it would be nice but that would require to pay a fee for the use of his performances from the American Music Awards and Grammy awards but this is Prince, so we’ll see.
  • In terms of his publishing, it is possible we will hear more Prince material in television commercials, along with TV shows, movies, video games, and apps. Signing the contract is all about exploitation, and with him having full ownership, he will be exploiting himself in his own way. Now, it doesn’t have to be a specific product, in fact one doesn’t even have to hear Prince sing. It can be a portion of “Little Red Corvette” behind an ad for a car. Maybe a portion of “Delirious” for Cialis. “America” heard for a store selling patriotic carpets. The sky is truly the limit, but it also depends on if he wants to do it that way, or if he plans on selling his music in that fashion.
  • With him owning his master recordings, I am sure the requests for how his music will be sold will be an issue. Fans have wanted all of his albums to be properly remastered, and while there is a Kevin Gray-remastered version of Purple Rain, it is said to have been done not from the actual master tape, but a safety copy. If there is a series of Prince vinyl remasters, will they be done on 180g/200g vinyl? Will it be just the albums, or all of his 12″ singles? How about compilations of nothing but high quality versions of unreleased goodies? Or how about a compilation of unreleased music videos, as Prince was known to shoot his own videos at Paisley Park, only to never show them again? He could release them on DVD or Blu-Ray, or keep it digital and have it shown on Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, how about director’s cuts of Under The Cherry Moon or Sign ‘O’ The Times, or are films excluded? How much of the foods are the public going to get? How free will Prince’s new form of freedom be? Will the door be wide open, or more selective than ever?

    I loved what Frank Zappa was able to do when he finally obtained the rights to his own music. He released some projects on his own Barking Pumpkin label, but also had a deal with Rykodisc who ended up releasing most of his albums and new compilations, in the way he wanted them to be heard. It did upset a number of Zappa fans, who wanted to hear certain albums as is and not fixed up/edited in the way Zappa felt was better, so I’m certain people on different Prince-related boards will nitpick about things.

    Of course, the focus of this article is to show how selfish we, as fans, can be about our favorite artist. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, the fact that he owns publishing and the master recordings is a huge plus for him. Part of this still has him attached with Warner Bros., who I am sure do not want to lose contact with someone who made them a healthy amount of money in the 1980′s. You can say that Prince is now on the same level as Neil Young, who Warner Bros. do not want to lose either. Young left Reprise records in order to find a new home with Geffen Records, where he ended up making five albums. While those albums were not big sellers as the work he did with Reprise, it proved to Reprise why Young was an asset to the label and why the label was an asset to him. Young was allowed to continue to explore, all while still earning a percentage of what he earns every year from “Heart Of Gold”, “Tonight’s The Night”, and “Long May You Run”. This could mean that Prince will be pulling some of Warner Bros.’ strings this time around, but who knows at this point. However, now that someone like Prince owns his work, where does that leave others who continue to fight for their rights to make a living from what they created in the first place? Will more artists continue to push forward or still earn an annual amount that continues to dwindle for the sake of another person’s livelihood?

    Also at hand: Prince samples. While not as heavily sampled as James Brown or Sly Stone, there’s a nice amount of Prince-related samples in hip-hop, electronica, and other forms of music. Will his people pursue those who have sampled him? Will he be open to more sample usage? How about Prince multi-tracks, how much of that will surface, if at all, outside of what already exists on bootlegs and file circulation?

    Until we hear “Starfish & Coffee” become the best part of waking up this morning, I say congratulations to Prince. We eagerly await to see and hear what’s next, and no doubt will be arguing when it doesn’t satisfy us because you know, we’re selfish when we don’t have to be.

  • VIDEO: MSG’s “Delta Blues”

    MSG does not stand for Michael Schenker Group, at least not in this case. This MSG stands for MIDNIGHTSUMMERGREEN, and their “Delta Blues” is an open air song that will make you feel about the sunshine (that is, those of you who are not dealing with a late winter) so you can head out to shows. Maybe you’ll get a chance to see MSG in a live context.

    VIDEO: Major Lazer featuring Pharrell Williams’ “Aerosol Can”

    If you’re wondering how come Pharrell Williams doesn’t rap more like he used to, then you know he has to take it into the hands of Diplo and Major Lazer to get things in you maofakin face. “Aerosol Can” could be considered a lyric video, but it’s a bit more than that if you allow it. I’m sure more lyric videos will be done like this, but it began here. Thank you Wes, thank you Pharrell.

    FREE MP3 DL: Wings’ “Listen To What The Man Said (1975 Disco Purrfection Version)”

    A nice edit of a gem from almost 40 years ago, DJ Disco Cat takes on Wings’ “Listen To What The Man Said” and while he doesn’t play around with the quadraphonic mix, what he does with this is quite nice, extending a lot of elements. A welcome addition is starting the track the way it normally ends. Thumbs up.

    SOME STUFFS: La Sera to reveal the “Hour Of The Dawn” next month

    (photo by Jake Michaels)

    For her third album as La Sera, Katy Goodman is changing the mood a bit from solemn and melancholy to the closest thing to happiness for her. This will be revealed on May 13th when Hour Of The Dawn (Hardly Art) will be released. You can have your first taste of happiness with the song “Running Wild”, which you are able to download for free while supplies last.

    More happiness? She’ll be starting up on a tour a few days before the release of Hour Of The Dawn, including a venture into Europe, so catch her if she is performing near you

    May 8… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) (Record Release Show)
    May 10… New York, NY (Baby’s All Right) (Record Release Show)
    May 14… Hamburg, DE (Astra Stube)
    May 15… Copenhagen, DK (Huset-KBH) !
    May 16… Oslo, NO (Vanguard) !
    May 17… Gothenberg, SE (Pustervik) !
    May 19… Berlin, DE (Monarch)
    May 20… Schorndorf, DE (Manufaktur)
    May 21… Belgium, BE (Kultuurkafee) !
    May 23… London, UK (Hoxton Bar and Grill) !
    May 24… Leeds, UK (Wardrobe) !
    May 25… Brighton, UK (Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar) !
    May 26… Paris, FR (Point Ephemere) !
    May 27… Bordeaux, FR (I.Boat) !
    May 30-31… Barcelona, ES (Primavera Sound)

    ! – w/ Springtime Carnivore

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