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Book’s Music podcast #354

Book’s Music podcast #354: Hilarious Country Music (and one bad song) by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

Country music can very much be a hoot, and this edition of the Book’s Music podcast celebrates the hoots and the hollering that happens on the funny side. It explores the hilarious stories that country music has provided in its recorded history, and I even manage to slip in a somewhat questionable song but for the most part, this show is about having fun. Have a guffaw, y’all.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Amani’s “Up, Down”

Amani is a vocalist who combines her talents and influences into a nice and crisp modern sound. “Up, Down” is the title track to her forthcoming EP due out a month from now on RMP so check out the video to see and hear if it moves you, then consider downloading the song below. I’m curious to see where she takes her music next.

FREE MP3 DL: Talen Ted’s “Iconic Figures”

Talen Ted has removed the voice and has created the instrumental voice, at least in this new project called Iconic Figures, fourteen new cuts at 48 minutes displaying his production style and techniques, in the hopes you’ll be moved to listen and perhaps work with him for your future projects. Stream and listen above.

BOOK’S FOODIE: How to eat ramen like a pro (from Eat Your Kimchi)

The “Eat Your Kimchi” channel on YouTube is a new discovery that I’ve been having fun exploring, and this video talks about not how to eat ramen right (as if there’s really a wrong way to eat food) but “How To Eat Ramen Like A Pro”, or at least to let people know that you know what you’re eating is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. See if you agree.

VIDEO: Suuki Muntana’s “Burning Bush 2″

Suuki Muntana says “don’t play with these fuckers” but he could easily be passing a message from him to you. If the beat is familiar, it’s taken from Mobb Deep’s “Black Cocaine” but Muntana cut a bit for himself on his own mirror and now you can have a glimpse of the reflection. The song is a part of his Joint Relief street album, which you can listen to in full below.

SOME STUFFS: Solids to tour next week but first, they share video

 photo Solids_old1_zpsb6140a1f.jpg
Solids’ latest album on Dine Alone/Fat Possum is called Blame Confusion but you can blame the band on you becoming a fan. If you are, watch their brand new one for the song “Over The Sirens”.

If you have been, then spock this 17 minute live performance they did in Seattle last month on KEXP-FM.

Have been but want more? That’s where the tour dates kick in:

April 24… Sherbrooke, QC (La Petite Boîte Noir)
April 25… Trois-Rivieres, QC (Zénob) Ə
April 26… Ottawa, ON (House Of Targ)
April 30… UK (Birthdays) %
May 1… Bristol, UK (The Exchange) %
May 2… Liverpool, UK (Liverpool Sound City)
May 3… Leeds, UK (Leeds Festival)
May 4.. Manchester, UK (Sounds From The Other City)
May 6… Glasgow, UK (Mono)
May 7… Birmingham, UK (Hare and Hounds) %
May 8… Brighton, UK (Great Escape Festival)
May 9… Tilburg, NL (013)
May 10… Amsterdam, NL (London Calling) Ƣ
May 12… Oslo, NW (Parkteatret) ƕ
May 13… Stockholm, SW (Debaser Strand) ƕ
May 14… Copenhagen, DK (Stengade)
May 16… Darmstadt, GE (Oetinger Villa)
May 17… Hamburg, GE (Prinzenbar)
May 19… Berlin, GE (Nero Bar)
May 20… Bielefeld, GE (Kleines Forum)
May 21… Lille, FR (Péniche)
May 22… Brussels, BE (Les Nuits Botaniques)
May 23… Magny-Le-Hongre, FR (File 7)
May 24… Laval, FR (Les Trois Éléphants)
May 25… Paris, FR (Nouveau Casino)
June 12… Winnipeg, MB (Union Hall Sound) #
June 13… Saskatoon, SK (Moso Festival)
June 14… Regina, SK (The Exchange) #
June 15… Edmonton, AB (Wunderbar) #
June 16… Lethbridge, AB (The Slice) #
June 18… Nelson, BC (Kootenay Coop) #
June 19… Golden, BC (Rockwater Grill) #
June 20… Calgary, AB (Sled Island)
June 21… Calgary, AB (Sled Island)
June 22… Red Deer, AB (Fratters) #
June 27… San Diego, CA (Che Cafe) *
June 28… Phoenix, AZ (51 West) *
June 29.. Albuquerque, NM (The Gasworks *
June 30… Austin, TX (Holy Mountain) *
July 1… Dallas, TX (Sons Of Herman Hall) *
July 2… Memphis, TN (Crosstown Arts) *
July 3… Indianapolis, IN (Hoosier Dome) *
July 5… Toronto, ON (Sneaky Dee’s) #
July 11… Québec, QC (Cercle, Festival d’été de Québec)

* POP Montreal Festival co-presenting all Canadian dates
Ə = w/ Teenager
Ƣ = w/ Big Ups + Paws
ƕ = w/ White Denim
% = w/ Theo Verney
# = w/ Animal Faces
* w/ Pity Sex

FREE MP3 DL: Relself’s “Step Ya Bars Up”

It could be a message to himself, or it could be a message for any and all rappers who aren’t up to a certain level. I’m not saying he is saying “get on my level”, but what I’m saying is everyone should raise their standards, just as Relself continues to do for himself. Take it back to the acid jazz era, take it back to Sesame Street, but know where it came from in order to find a new path tomorrow.

SOME STUFFS: DJ Center releases first music in four years

DJ Center has released a new EP after being away from the spotlight for four years, and not only that, it will come in the form of a 10″ EP. It’s called Dem Say Ah, featuring Akoya Afrobeat, and it is available on gold vinyl. Along with the title track, the record features an edit of the track by DJ Spinna, and a tuen called “2AM Inna London Dub”. You may listen to the EP in full right now, for free via Soundcloud. You can also watch a video below on the making of “Dem Say Ah” and if you want to just buy the record already, you may so so via Bandcamp, also below.

VIDEO: Hundreds’ “Circus”

Hundreds are two. Not two hundreds but two people, specifically relatives Philip (brother) and Eva (sister) Milner, and together they’re about to release an album (their second) in May called Aftermath (Sky Council). Check out how these German siblings rock it out in “Aftermath”

VIDEO: The Legion’s “Stereo”

If the first lyric in the song says “we got that B-Double O-M B-A-P”, you know it has to hit and hit hard, which is what Buckwild did for The Legion with “Stereo”, which will appeara on the forthcoming Ill Adrenaline/Legion release The Lost Tapes due out on May 20th. This is more than just the real shit, this is the shit, period.

FREE MP3 DL: The Rebel Light’s “Be My Baby”

The Rebel Light enter the musical world of Phil Spector to come out strong with a wonderful cover of The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”, sounding as strong and powerful as the original.

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