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Book’s Music podcast #354

Book’s Music podcast #354: Hilarious Country Music (and one bad song) by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

Country music can very much be a hoot, and this edition of the Book’s Music podcast celebrates the hoots and the hollering that happens on the funny side. It explores the hilarious stories that country music has provided in its recorded history, and I even manage to slip in a somewhat questionable song but for the most part, this show is about having fun. Have a guffaw, y’all.

VIDEO: Hundreds’ “Circus”

Hundreds are two. Not two hundreds but two people, specifically relatives Philip (brother) and Eva (sister) Milner, and together they’re about to release an album (their second) in May called Aftermath (Sky Council). Check out how these German siblings rock it out in “Aftermath”

VIDEO: The Legion’s “Stereo”

If the first lyric in the song says “we got that B-Double O-M B-A-P”, you know it has to hit and hit hard, which is what Buckwild did for The Legion with “Stereo”, which will appeara on the forthcoming Ill Adrenaline/Legion release The Lost Tapes due out on May 20th. This is more than just the real shit, this is the shit, period.

FREE MP3 DL: The Rebel Light’s “Be My Baby”

The Rebel Light enter the musical world of Phil Spector to come out strong with a wonderful cover of The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”, sounding as strong and powerful as the original.

FREE DL: Brother Saturn’s “Space Dimensions 1 & 2″

Brother Saturn has returned with a 2-track album full of meditative splendor, and if you’re thinking “2-songs? That’s not an album”, then understand that one song is 15 minutes, the other taking on a 27 1/2 minute journey. Honesty, if you’re a TV show, movie, or video director and feel a need to take your projects to the next level, you’ll have to get in contact with Drew Miller, the man behind Brother Saturn, via brothersaturn [at] gmail [dot] com.

RECORD CRACK: Tobacco glances over vinyl pressings of new record

 photo TobaccoVinyl_New2014_zpsf8f7629c.jpg
Tobacco has a new album coming out very soon called Ultima II Massage and on his Instagram account, he posted shots of the shipment that has come in, showing some of the different color configurations that will be available. Tobacco had the record pressed in Dallas at A&R Records. To look at the other varieties he’s looking over, click to Tobacco’s Facebook page.

FREE MP3 DL: “The Boondocks Mixtape (Season 4)”

 photo BoondocksMixtape_cover_zps270b77d8.jpg
The final season of The Boondocks has arrived, and whether you’re going to watch it in full or not watch it because it’s not up to your standards, maybe you’ll want to check out the street album that was made for it. The album features new tracks from the likes of Killer Mike, Skeme, Childish Major, Troy Ave, Tuki Carter and many more. Stream and listen below, or just download it for future use.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Hackershake for Easter (from Tastemade)

This is something you do not want to have every day or every week. Hell, you wouldn’t want it every month but if you can handle it, make one. Just in time for Eastern, it’s a milk shake called Hackershake, which utilizes the Cadbury Creme Egg. Sounds insane? Wait until you watch how one is made.

VIDEO: Odonis Odonis’ “Highnote”

A year ago, Odonis Odonis shared their video for the song “Better”. They’ve done quite a bit since then, including an album called Hard Boiled Soft Boiled (Buzz) released yesterday and from it, a video for the song “Highnote”, which looks like a hyperactive visual feast of trying to find something good to watch on TV and coming up with everything else. Dean Tzenos was responsible for visual direction.

As with last year around this time, they’re on tour right now:

April 16… Durham, NC (The Pinhook)
April 18… Athens, GA (World Famous)
April 19… Atlanta, GA (Mammal Gallery)
April 20… New Orleans, LA (Circle Bar)
April 21… Austin, TX (Mohawk (Inside))
April 22… Dallas, TX (Club DaDa)
April 23… Little Rock, AR (Vino’s)
April 25… Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge)

+ w/ Weaves
* w/ Hellshovel, PyPy, Tonstartssbandht
~ w/ Yamantaka Sonic Titan

VIDEO: James Klynn’s “The Worst..?”

What comes first? What comes last? What comes best? Now for the real question: what comes worse? James Klynn ponders the issue but comes up with the realization: “He Worst?..” He deals with it and comes up with a healthy dialogue.

SOME STUFFS: Marissa Nadler presents new video before European tour begins

 photo MarissaNadler_old_zps2439fed4.jpg
Marissa Nadler‘s new album on Sacred Bones Records is called July, and if you’ve passed a few words about it, you can now see and hear why those good words are being said. She has made a video for the song “Drive”, directed by Naomi Yang, who you may have known as as a member of Galaxie 500.

  • Now, a look at the tour Nadler will be doing for the next few weeks in Europe:
    April 17… Ghent, BE (Vooruit)
    April 18… Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso)
    April 20… Bristol, UK (The Cube)
    April 21… Halifax, UK (Square Chapel)
    April 22… Brighton, UK (Komedia Studio Bar)
    April 23… London, UK (Café Oto)
    April 24… Paris, FR (Le Point FMR)
    April 25… Utrecht, NL (Tivoli)
    April 26… Brussels, BE (Botanique)
    April 27… Hamburg, DE (Aalhaus)
    April 28… Berlin, DE (Roter Salon)
    April 29… Prague, CZ (Café V Lese)
    May 11… Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle)
    June 7… Brooklyn, NY (Red Hook Summerstage) ξ
    June 26… Cambridge, MA (The Sinclair) ʤ
    August 5… Stavanger, NO (Folken)
    August 7… Göteborg, SE (Way Out West)
    August 9… Helsinki, FI (Flow Festival)
    August 30… Dorset, UK (End of the Road)
    September 2… London, UK (Dingwalls) ʨ
    September 3… Manchester, UK (Soup Kitchen)
    September 4… Glasgow, UK (Broadcast)
    September 5… Dublin, IE (Button Factory)
    September 8… Dudingen, CH (Bad Bonn)
    September 9… Zurich, CH (El Lokal)
    September 10… Rorschach, CH (Treppenhaus)
    September 11… Geneva, CH (L’Usine)
    September 21… Tilburg, NL (Incubate)

    ξ = w/ Delicate Steve, Mark McGuire
    ʤ = w/ Gem Club, Faces On Film
    ʨ = w/ Woods

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