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Book’s Music podcast #355

Book’s Music podcast #355 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

After a great collage last week of funny country songs, the Book’s Music podcast returns to the assorted box of assortments you’ve come to know and love. Diversity is always the key in “the radio show that radio forgot”.

VIDEO: Melanin 9′s “Colours”

British hip-hop continues to show their strength through Melanin 9, who will be releasing a new EP on May 31st called High Fidelity (Red Snow). To get fans and new fans ready for its release, M9 offers “Colours”, which touches on ones complexion and how it plays a role in how we see and deal with each other. The EP will be released on vinyl, with Side 2 being instrumental versions of the tracks that are on Side 1. “Colours” is a new song that will be attacked to an EP he released seven years ago, as he felt confident enough to give these songs as second chance, this time as a record, which you may pre-order by heading to Red Snow Records.

SOME STUFFS: San Francisco quartet Melted Toys to release debut album in July

 photo MeltedToys_old_zps2db88817.jpg
Three years can be a long time for a lot of bands, but those three years can lead to good things for some, at least it did for San Francisco’s Melted Toys. The hard work paid off for them with a deal with Underwater Peoples, and now the band will be releasing their self-titled debut album on July 15th. “Blush” is the first slice of music they’ll be offering, so press play and have a listen. Their music is described in the press kit as “a sort of sanctuary-in-transit, inspired both by the shifting visions of dreams and global travel, so that each of the twelve passages flicker and flame with equal impression“, which might lead you to say “what?” Let’s just say that their brand of pop and rock owes a lot to the jingle jangle ways of the music from the 1980′s in both the UK and the US, specifically groups like The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, and New Order, and the mixture is represented as an ode to the past with a passion towards keeping it alive for the future. Hopefully not as confusing as the press release quote, but test it out for yourself.

AUDIO: James Bay’s “Running”

Singer/songwriter James Bay has something to share with you, a song from a forthcoming project that will be released by Republic Records. This Hertfordshire wants to share “Running” with you, and with luck he will be sharing much more in the months and years to come.

SOME STUFFS: Nightbox release video from new EP

 photo Nightbox_old_zps87e9ca96.jpg
Released this Tuesday on Rare Beef, The Panic Sequence is the latest EP by electronic pop sensations Nightbox and from it is its first video for the song “Burning”.

A vinyl pressing of the EP can be pre-ordered now, click the Bandcamp player below, which will also lead to you being able to stream it in full for your listening pleasures.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Addicted To Mexican Food (from Rachel Kim)

A vlog was discovered where the topic was simple: “Addicted To Mexican Food”. I love Mexican food and want to try more varieties, so I wanted to see what others had to say. A plus: they look like they’re eating good Mexican food.

RECORD CRACK: Polypsis present song from new split 7″

If you’re into noise pop, you’ll want to check out a duo out of Champaign, Illinois called Polypsis, although the page I came across calls this a “solo project” so it may be one or the other or both. They have released a split 7″ single with Kamila Glowacki, only 300 copies are being pressed, 200 on standard black vinyl, 100 on white vinyl. To order your copy, click here.

SOME STUFFS: The Lovely Eggs hope to impress America with release of “Wildlife” in May

 photo TheLovelyEggs_old_zps5e905dc0.jpg
The internet makes it possible to discover anyone and everyone pertaining to music but despite the lack of territories in the virtual world, they still exist in the real world. Most of you may not be familiar yet with a duo who call themselves The Lovely Eggs, but now you can change that.

The band have already released three albums since 2009, the latest one coming out two years ago which they called Wildlife (Egg). Their brand of punk rock is infectious, and they want to expand the infections. Red Eye will be releasing all three of their albums in the U.S. on May 20th, and while you may have found a way to download it before everyone else, then it’s your role to let your friends know about this band by telling them to buy their own copies.

While the music will be stateside, their next batch of concerts will be all in UK, but warm up to them and maybe they’ll head to the states very soon:
July 24-27… Huntingdon, England (The Secret Garden Party)
July 25-27… Dorset, England (Forever Sun Festival)
August 3-31… Dorset, England (Camp Bestival)
October 4… Nottingham, England (Nottingham Pop All-Dayer)

AUDIO: Red Eye featuring Mr. Cheeks’ “Hemperor’s Theme”

It has been awhile since we heard anything new from Mr. Cheeks but he finds himself in a new song by Red Eye called “Hemperor’s Theme”. Produced by DJ Tray, “Hemperor’s Theme” is a song for those who are monarchs about the marijuana they smoke and perhaps grow. It’s quite nice, and you don’t have to be pro-weed to enjoy it.

AUDIO: J-Live featuring Sam London & Tanya Morgan’s “City To City”

With a new album on its way in six days, J-Live is gearing for a solid release with Around The Sun and for “City To City”, he brought in Sam London and Tanya Morgan for a bit of solid hip-hop assistance, so here it is.

SOME STUFFS: Frontier(s) offer pre-orders for forthcoming EP

White Lights is the latest effort from Frontier(s), who will be releasing the 5-song effort in July. Right now, you may pre-order the record now by clicking the Bandcamp link above or heading to Tiny Engines. The record will be sold in three color variations:

  • white with “blue and brown” starburst
  • opaque grey
  • clear
    There is also a special bundle where you’re able to buy all three variations. You can of course pre-order the digital files as well. To get a hint of what Frontier(s) have been up to, listen to a song from White Lights called “Our March” below via Soundcloud. If the Soundcloud player isn’t available, it is also streaming above via Bandcamp.

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