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Book’s Music podcast #355

Book’s Music podcast #355 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

After a great collage last week of funny country songs, the Book’s Music podcast returns to the assorted box of assortments you’ve come to know and love. Diversity is always the key in “the radio show that radio forgot”.

AUDIO: Pharoahe Monch featuring DJ Revolution’s “Get Down”

In the front you have Pharoache Monch: BOOM!
Within themix you have DJ Revolution: WHOA!
The proceedings was nicely put together by M-Phazes: BOOF BAF!

Together, you have what may be one of the best songs of the year, which will find its way on Revolution’s Unearthed project on May 13th.

VIDEO: Jonezen featuring D’Meetri’s “Bombs Away”

Out of Detroit but now based in Los Angeles, Jonezen is giving everyone the treatment with his brand new one featuring D’Meetri called “Bombs Away”, and does Los Angeles have his back? Listen and find out for yourself, as a preview of his forthcoming Beautiful Disaster album.

SOME STUFFS: Ragnarok part company with vocalist

 photo Ragnarok_old_zps17a74b03.jpg
Vocalist Hans Fryste is leaving the Norway black metal band Ragnarok due to “personal and job-related commitments”, some of which had to do with him not being able to commit to band performances last year. While most people generally think of the band as being the primary job for a lot of musicians and singers, the reality is that sometimes you’re going to need a real job to make ends meet. Mix that in with personal issues, and that lead both parties to part amicably. Fryste released a statement:

The decision to leave RAGNAROK, has been an extremely hard one to make. Jontho and Brigge brought me in to the horde in 2005, and this still stands as my biggest achievement as a musician. Personal circumstances have made it so that I will not be able to dedicate myself to RAGNAROK, as much as it requires. It is with a heavy heart that we have come to an agreement, and I am pulling out of the band.
All words fall short compared to how grateful I am for have taken part in this journey.Over the years we have experienced so many great achievements, and I would never have been without any of them. Being able to tour around the world, from Siberia to Rio de Janeiro, with supporting, passionate and faithful friends and fans in every city, has been a humbling experience. Every step of the way has also brought with it impressions, educating me to be a stronger person. Also learning so many new things, evolving to be the vocalist and human being I am today.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has made this journey possible. Without all my great friends and fans out there, nothing of this could have ever happened. Thank you! And finally, of course, thank you Jontho, DezeptiCunt and Bolverk. Thank you for all the great times on and off the stage. Thank you for everything we have gone through together. Thank you for the brotherhood and support! I leave RAGNAROK as a humble man, and wish my brothers all the best in the future.

Band founder Jontho also had this to say about Fryste’s departure:

After 20 years you come to expect these things as an inevitable part of being in a band. Sooner or later there comes a time when all musicians must take a hard look at their lives and take decisions based on family and work commitments. Hans Fyrste felt that he could not give the amount of dedication that RAGNAROK asks of its members, and that it would be fairer all round to call it a day, and that is very much to his credit. He has been a real asset to the band. We have watched him grow over the years to become a great frontman and we wish him all the best for the future.

The future of the group remains unknown, it is uncertain if they’ll continue as a band with a new vocalist, or move forward under a new identity, but any new developments will be posted here.

REVIEW: Wizdom’s “The Next Step”

 photo WizdomTNS_cover_zps642480fb.jpg The perspective of Seattle hip-hop seems to change every few years, or for the mainstream as a whole, maybe every twenty years. Ask anyone outside of the Pacific Northwest, and they’ll tell you Seattle hip-hop is Sir Mix-A-Lot and Macklemore, and nothing more. Ask anyone who has been in tap with the music, and they’ll tell you about everyone from Kid Sensation to Turntable Lab, Byrdie to Blue Scholars. Wizdom has always been there but you might not have been aware of it but like fellow 206 gents Jake Uno and Vitamin D, you should be, for he has been making music for almost ten years. As he says in “My City’s Filthy” (which brings in fellow Seattleites Grynch and Fearce Vill), “strength in numbers, homie”, and that’s a reference to not only Seattle’s hip-hop scene, but the sports community, restaurateurs, and anyone who is in the 206 to win. Where to go next? Wizdom let’s everyone know about the plan in the appropriately titled The Next Step (self-released).

While anyone can rap about the mission of rapping, Wizdom has always been someone who has rapped about life and how he wants to live it. It’s not about “this is the right thing to do”, it is about what he wants to do in the best way he knows how, one of the more admirable elements of his rapping style. He has no problem in telling everyone how he is a pro at what he does (“N64″) but there’s more to his lyrics and flow than just ego and presentation, you want to be impressed by someone who has the skills and knows it. He goes beyond that and says “I have you listening, let me lay a few things on you, I have a story to tell”, which is why you want to keep listening to Wizdom and buy one of his T-shirts. The Next Step is not only about the next, but what his mission has been about all this time, consider this a continuation of the path he started.

You can call this an EP or a short album, but The Next Step is eight songs of solid goodness from someone who has worked to make sure he is heard, giving you a reason to put his music on repeat. If you want some love hip-hop, you have “Forever”. You want something that could get a lot of airplay, listen to “No Good”. You just want some quality hip-hop, Wizdom is your man. The next step could be anything and anywhere, whether it’s finding himself in other tracks or having his career take off in a manner that will be a continuation of Seattle’s hip-hop diversity, to let people know the scene doesn’t begin and end with anyone specific. As he refers to The Roots in the title track, there is so much more and if that’s what you want, he’s more than happy to guide you in his direction.

(You may stream the album in full by heading to DJBooth.net.)

VIDEO: Between The Buried And Me’s “Lay Your Ghosts to Rest”

Shot last fall during performances in Baltimore, Nashville, and Asheville, North Carolina,”Lay Your Ghosts to Rest” is the latest video from Between The Buried And Me, and this one runs for a mammoth (well, mammoth in a normal music video sense) length, clocking in at a nice 10:40. The song can be found on their album The Parallax II: Future Sequence (Metal Blade), proving that 18 months after its release, the music is still going strong.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Sakaya Kitchen: A Fine Dining Chef Takes on Asian Fast Casual

What is “Asian fast casual”? More and more people are enjoying Asian food, and the food has been around for decades, if not centuries, but there are those who want to show and prove that you can have and cook it in many new ways. It’s a restaurant in Miami called Sakaya Kitchen, and in the latest installment of Fast Casual Nation, we find out what chef Richard Hales has to say about his restaurant and what he is doing to keep Miami residents and visitors well fed.

FREE MP3 DL: Ace Ali featuring Ralphie V’s “Tonight”

Smoking a tree and getting it right, this is what Ace Ali raps about in his new song called “Tonight”, taken from his The Gift & The Curse album. The song also features a verse from Ralphie V, so pass the joint to one and all and get lifted.

SOME STUFFS: Disleksick, Sorcerer Torturer to release split cassette

 photo DisleksickSorTorSplit_cover_zpsb26a6053.jpg
For uncontrolled noise and mayhem, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a c10 cassette on Urgent Telepathy Recordings, with one side dedicated to the music from Disleksick, the other side coming from Sorcerer Torturer. When some of the “members” are credited for “puke” and “vomit”, you know it has to be worth hearing.

Only 100 copies of this tape will be made, and apparently “proceeds from this release are currently going towards the restoration of (a concert venue in Fowlerville, Michigan called) Papa Chinn’s Chili Emporium, which was vandalized during Michigan Grindfest III”. For more information, e-mail mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

RECORD CRACK: Total Abuse to release 3-song 7 inch in July

Looking For Love is the title of a forthcoming 7″ by Total Abuse, who plan on releasing the record in July on Deranged Records. If you love your rock on the punky/noisy side, have a listen to the title track from the record. When pre-orders are made ready, I’ll let everyone know.

SOME STUFFS: The Revelations stream forthcoming album in full

 photo Revelations_old_zps4f808681.jpg
Fans of The Revelations have been waiting awhile for them to release a third album and next week Tuesday, the wait will be over when The Cost Of Living (Decision/Red River/Sony RED Music) will be released. If you love your soul music to be gritty and raw, as it should be, you’ll want to pick up the album and a great motivator is being able to hear it before its release. I was unable to embed a player on my site, so head to Soundcloud.com for a listen. If you like what you hear, consider pre-ordering it below via Amazon on MP3, vinyl, and CD (in that order).

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