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SOME STUFFS: New Crank Sturgeon released as CD3 and 3.5″ floppy disk

 photo CrankSturgeon_cover_zpsc10b26bf.jpg
Feverish Dimst (Quagga Curious Sounds) is the latest project by Crank Sturgeon, who has packaged this in a very nice way. 19 minutes of twisted experimental noise can be heard on the 3 inch CD, it consists of one solid track. Then you have a 3.5″ floppy disk that compliments the clear noise that’s on the CD. Each CDr has a unique rubber-stamped design which is housed in a rubber-stamped square envelope. The floppy disk comes in white, red, blue, orange or yellow and features a rubber-stamped sticker. All of the contents are then placed in a brown paper bag. Ideally, you could just place it in your living room and have it compliment your furniture, but you’ll want to make time to use and hear it. It’s up to you.

For ordering information, contact mike-ridge [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk.

RECORD CRACK: Brown Sabbath to release their covers of Black Sabbath songs as a 10″ single

The bio for this says it all:
Brown Sabbath is the alter ego of Austin-based Brownout, delving into the catalog of the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal godfathers themselves Black Sabbath. “Hand Of Doom” featuring Black Angels singer Alex Maas on vocals is the lead-off single with “The Wizard” on the flip, pressed on limited colored splatter 10inch.

An honorable Black Sabbath tribute done as a 10″ EP, due out on May 27th, and then a full length will materialize on June 24th. Please tell me they do “Into The Void” or “The Writ”? I’m sure the usual suspects will be covered if if there’s one oddity on there, I’ll be happy. Pre-orders for the 10″ are available from their Bandcamp page.

AUDIO: Ralph V featuring Jeph Anthony’s “OG (Chopped N Screwed)”

If you have become a fan of Ralph V’s “O.G.”, you may fall in love with the chopped & screwed treatment of the track, which will make you tip, rotate, and slow jam on the sidewalk. It may bring you back around. I’m digging this supremely.

VIDEO: Lil Wyte’s “It’s 4:20″

It’s April 20th. As I post this, it’s 4:20am in the morning on the East Coast. Maybe you live on the West Coast. Regardless of where you live, it’ll be 4:20 twice today, so grab your favorite bag o’reefer and smoke up to this joint by Lil Wyte, who tells us “It’s 4:20″ somewhere. It’s take from his new album No Sick Days, which was released today, 4/20. You’ve loving it like leftover buds you forgot about but discovered in your wallet. Good for you.

SOME STUFFS: Path To Lobster Believers, Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge release split cassette

 photo PTLBSSTER_cover_zpsa44b17b5.jpg
On one half you have Path To Lobster Believers, whom you may want to call PTLB.
On the other half you have Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge, feel free to call them SSTER for short.

This split cassette, where each artist gets a dedicated side, is being described this way: …micro/cassette collage, looping, manipulation and destruction. Garble Garbage Giggle Grits, if you wanna know the sub-genre. The Rowdy Rouge stays away from the tape collage this time and gets psychedelically chaotic with electronics and telepathic revelations embedded within.. If you want to be introduced to Gable Garbage Giggle Grits, you’ve come to the right place. It’s lo-fi, noisy, spontaneous, and uncertain, just the way you like your experimental songs. Only 14 copies of this were made onto cassette, and it seems each copy is recorded over tapes found at thrift stores. It’s just another bit of tape manipulated output from Justin Marc Lloyd. You may also purchase the 60 minute album digitally from Bandcamp below.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Twin Trilogy’s “Twin Trilogy #1″

 photo TwinTrilogy_cover_zpsb21ff87a.jpg For this week’s Bandcamp Suggestion, I’m shining the spotlight on a San Francisco band who made this EP a special Record Store Day item yesterday at Aquarius Records in the Mission District. They combine various elements of prog, space rock, and Kraut rock to create a distinctive melange of sound that is heavy, mindblowing, trippy, and very much fascinating.

The first track is a combination of three different songs (“Descent To The Pounding Surf”, “Strings Of The Sea”, and “Flood Of Moonlight On The White Sea”), which leads to a very nice and crisp Melvins-like dirge. The second track gets all fantastical and shit.

This will be released as a 1-sided EP, and will be the first of four promised EP’s.

VIDEO: Curtis Harding’s “Keep On Shining”

A nice blend of 60′s and 70′s soul influences is what Curtis Harding tried to do and succeeds in more ways than one in “Keep On Shining”. You can hear the 60′s feel in the musicianship but the vocals also tell another story and by mixing it up like that, it fits in with the desires of today. This will be released on his forthcoming album on Burger Records, Soul Power, which you may pre-order on vinyl, CD, and cassette by clicking here before the May 20th release date.

VIDEO: Rind’s “Mark That It Made”

Understudy is an EP by Rind for fans who love their electronic music on the minimalistic side, where the pacing is deliberate and everything just glides very carefully and precisely. The video Lee Relvas (who is Rind) had Daniel Luedtke make shows how experimental she wants to take herself, and how far they wants the listener to go with her creations. See what you may discover in yourself through Rind.

FREE MP3 DL: Futurecop! featuring DWNTWN’s “Lost Love”

Your nostrils may flare up in excitement upon hearing “Lost Love”, which has nothing to do with Air Supply’s “Lost In Love” but you’ll be eager to be where you want to be. The song is by Futurecop!, the Manchester duo of Peter Carrol and Manzur Iqbal, and as a unit they bring in DWNTWN for a new wave vibe straight out of 1986, as if Pretty In Pink was the greatest film ever made. They’ll be releasing a new EP later this summer called Fairytales Of Summer Shoegazers, which will feature “Lost Love”, allow it to burst and glisten your marbles just once, and then forever.

SOME STUFFS: IV The Polymath and Jondis become i.deals

You may not know who i.deals are yet, but you may already be familiar with the music of producer IV The Polymath and rapper Jondis. Together they decided to become i.deals, and their new effort is called i​.​deology a 16 track that you can purchased digitally but if you’re an analog junkie, you’ll want to pick up the tape for it. That’s right: cassette. What began on a couch lead to discussions, admiration, and now creation, and you can hear what they were able to put together here on their new effort.

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